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"What Are Others Saying About Our Events...?"

Joe Fairless

"Adam’s unique techniques to growing an active Meetup group are impressive. I’ve personally seen what they have done for Adam’s network. I’m confident they’ll work for you because I’m seeing results in my own group.

Having been a speaker at his luncheon, his knowledge, preparedness, and professionalism are top notch and look forward to speaking again when in the Denver area."

James Brown

“I have truly learned to ‘Think outside of the box’ as a regular attendee of Adam Adam’s events. His presenters bring a wide range of valuable information that is helping shape my investment journey. 

The networking is also really helpful to keep the conversation going and get different perspectives.”

Herb Dorn

"Adam's events are filled with very high quality presenters, excellent networking opportunities, and the added benefit of no pitch. I believe Adam's personal style is refreshingly honest with a clear intent to bring value to the investing community.

 I can say without a doubt that our business has expanded as a direct result of the connections that I have made at these meetings." 

Kelly Fischer

"Adam Adam's meet-ups and events are by far the best I have EVER attended. They have are always filled with information that I have found to be exceptional for everyone to use who is trying to do this business.

This was one of the best seminars I have ever attended, the value of connections, information received and an enjoyable learning environment was exceptional."

Jeremy Porto

"Adam’s meetings and events are DENSE with real estate investing knowledge! He brings in top talent from across the country and you just can’t get that in one place anywhere else!

 He’s always pushing to bring more and more value to his attendees and we are never disappointed! If you’re not already going, you need to show up!"

Mitch Conrad

"These events are packed full of value with speakers who know their content, the content is always applicable to my business in some way, and I never have to deal with sales pitches.

 The events attract a broad array of investors and I'm always challenged with new ideas. If you like to learn and network, Adam's events are the place to be!"